Pulse Ministries

Children’s Work

Children’s Work

Pulse’s heart is for children’s lives to be transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit, we believe that children are eager to meet with God in a real way and want to have an opportunity to respond to Him. We believe children have their own faith, their own understanding and their own ministry in the Church.

We aim to engage children through the teaching of Bible stories, Christian values, and sharing the Gospel in many creative ways.

We do this through holiday clubs, praise parties and events that will encourage and develop their faith.

The children’s programs we run are high energy, multi-sensory, age appropriate, fun, challenging and above all, surrounded by Biblical teaching with many opportunities to respond to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Rev. Tim Goodbody

For cringe-free all age worship that is fun, vibrant, and energetic, yet profound and Spirit filled, you can't go wrong with Pulse Ministries. If your church want to release the gifts of the Spirit across the whole age spectrum, Pulse can enable that through their sensitive Biblical teaching and helpful practical training. If you think Holiday clubs are draining, follow the Pulse example and all your volunteers will get as much out of the experience as the children do!