Pulse Ministries

Christmas: Project Gospel

Join with us this Christmas.

As you may know we’ve recently launched The Gospel booklets, and we’ve been giving these booklets out to kids at Holiday Clubs, sending children home with the important message of the Gospel, and hearing that its been a subject of conversation even after Holiday Club is over.

This Christmas we’re launching Christmas: Project Gospel, and we are looking to partner with local churches, parishes, and organisations to get the Gospel into the hands of every child with the aim of enlarging God’s Kingdom. We would like YOU to partner with us as we do this. If you are a church leader, a children’s pastor, teacher, parent, or anyone else, we’d love it if you would give these booklets out to every child.

Because we believe that this is important, each booklet, which normally costs £1, will be sold at a 50% discount during this period. We passionately want to see the Gospel in the hands of every child, and are not trying to make profit from this, so if you really want to get on board with this, but if the cost of 50p is still a problem, then please get in contact with us.

If you would be interested in getting involved in Christmas Project Gospel then email sales@pulseministries.org.uk or place an order at pulseministries.org.uk/shop and use the discount code XMASGOSPEL50. Please use hashtag #givethegospel on social channels, and share your stories online!