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Gospel Flash Card Blog Post


Pulse Ministries’ mission is to Enlarge and Equip God’s Kingdom for evangelism, mission and to bring heaven to earth. We have recently launched our 2020 vision in which we committed once again to discipling this generation so that they can effectively disciple the next, and have set the goal to reach 20,000 people consistently every year by 2020.

As part of this mission, we’re excited to finally be releasing our first resource; Gospel Flash Cards. This resource has, for years, been tweaked and improved to be a valuable and useful resource to Enlarge and Equip God’s Kingdom. Having used them in various contexts, we know that these are a versatile product that can be used to share with all ages, Christians and non-Christians alike.

These cards do not shy away from the big issues. From creation to sin, the Trinity, and how we can be made new with the Holy Spirit. Refer to our downloadable script for more information and guidance on how to share these topics.

These cards do not shy away from the big issues. From sin, to being made new with the Holy Spirit.

Each card is double sided, including bright clear images and simple text as well scripture references!

Each card is double sided, including bright clear images, simple text, and scripture references!

The beautifully designed cards are printed with engaging colours and images that spark conversation and questions; allowing people to explore the Gospel and Christianity in an easy to access, non-threatening way. Once purchased, the cards also come with access to a downloadable script and presentation to give suggestions on how we have used the flashcards and the language we would use to explain each card.

We’ve included cards that don’t shy away from big topics such as Trinity and sin. Often these topics are overlooked because we think that children can’t understand such ‘adult’ concepts but from our experience at Pulse we’ve found that they can grasp these topics with an ease that sometimes surprises.

The final cards offer an opportunity to respond to Jesus. One is in the form of the question ‘What do you believe?’, this allows adults and children to think about where they stand as a result of what they’ve heard. As well as this there is a card that has a prayer for people to respond with. This prayer talks through the flashcards, flawlessly including the trinity and the death and resurrection of Jesus in its wording.

This summer we went out on mission and used these cards to teach 5-11s the gospel, many for the first time. They helped spark discussion about Jesus, about sin and forgiveness, and about the fact that Holy Spirit makes us new every day. Whilst our team on mission and volunteers at the churches used these cards, they were also being used by other people we know and work alongside. Someone used them to explain the Gospel in a pastoral visit to a woman she had been supporting and was able to see response through the conversations had around these cards.

quoteOne vicar in rural Derbyshire used these cards during baptism preparation with an adult and said this of them; I enjoyed using these great flash cards to lead someone through baptism prep. The images helped me to explain the Good News and sparked conversation. Thank you, Team Pulse!” 

Our hope is that these cards would equip and encourage the church, spurring on God’s people to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those that are yet to have a chance to hear about it, and to have a chance to see response as people come into relationship with the Living God. This resource will be available to buy on the 29th of November 2016.