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Core Team

Pete Oakley
Pete is one of the co-founders of Pulse Ministries. He's passionate about people coming into relationship with God, and has a desire to see children and young people released in their anointing from Him. Having been in full time ministry since 1999 Pete has a wealth of experience to draw from, and a heart for the next generation. Pete enjoys all outdoor activities, is a West Brom supporter and spends loads of time with his dog Jenga.
Rebi Crocker
Operations Manager
Since graduating from York University in 2014, Rebi has worked full-time for Pulse in this role. She is passionate about seeing people realise their potential and purpose in God’s Kingdom. In various contexts, Rebi has enjoyed leading, encouraging and inspiring others in their walk with God. Rebi has a huge appreciation for great stationery, good coffee shops and time spent with family and friends.

Jack Hedger
Marketing & Media Manager
In 2016 Jack moved from Kent to Wolverhampton to work full time for Pulse. He works to see lives transformed, and likes exploring the big questions and challenging people to think outside the box. Jack is a worship leader, and uses this and other creative gifts to enhance what Pulse does. In his spare time he'll often be playing video games, watching Netflix, eating, or all three at once.

Alex Foile
Children's Ministry Co-Ordinator
Alex has known Pulse since 2012, where they came to do a holiday club at her church; this is where her relationship with Jesus began and continued to grow. After spending a year with Pulse, it became clear that her passion was not for geography but for children’s ministry; Alex has a real passion to share the Gospel. She loves hot beverages and walks in the countryside.
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Jessie Alexander
Youth Ministry Co-Ordinator
Jess joined pulse in 2016 as an intern and is now the Youth Ministry Co-ordinator! She loves seeing God move in young people's lives and has a passion to see people come to know God and deepen their relationship with Him and in her free time she loves getting creative and spending time being outside.. Jess is also doing a part time degree in Youth Mission and Ministry.
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Nicole Weatherley
Year Long Intern
Whilst touring as a part of 'The Sense' - Youth For Christ's Band, Nicole met Pulse on a joint mission in a field in Devon. She has passion for worship and teaching children about Jesus. She loves photography, art and all things creative.


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