Pulse Ministries


What people say about us…


“I love the guys at Pulse. They’re innovative, hard-working, radical, devoted and totally passionate about children and young people encountering Jesus.” 
Matt Summerfield, Urban Saints

“Pulse have a big heart for kids/young people and for the kingdom and can be a great resource to help you grow your vision for both…”
Alan Charter, Scripture Union

“Pulse: dynamic and relevant, a great way to quicken the pulse of your youth or children’s work.”
James Lawrence, CPAS Leadership Principal

“Having witnessed Pulse in action it was a pleasure to see such wisdom and fun combined in their work. Kids engaged and grown spiritually! Amazing Charity!”

Tom Simpson, Social Action Relationship Manager HTB

“Pulse has a vision to reach thousands of children and young people with the gospel.
Through hard work, huge creativity, prayer and professionalism they’re achieving their aim. I highly commend them and their work to you.”
Rev Carl Beech, Founder of Christian Vision for Men (CVM) 

“I will always be so thankful to Pulse for seeing the potential in me as a young leader, investing into my life, and giving me the opportunities to serve and grow in God. Getting involved with Pulse will change your life!” 
Jodi Calder, Year-Long Intern 2011-2012

“This year with Pulse has been the best and most challenging year of my walk with God. The team have invested in me so personally, and seen me through a season of transformation in which God has taught me more of who He is, who He created me to be and how I am to be used for His glory.”
 Elle Risbridger, Children’s Ministry Intern 2014-15