Pulse Ministries

Youth Work

Youth Work

We have a heart to see young people journey in their own faith, grow to know Jesus and learn to love Him through missions, youth camps, youth events and discipleship.

We’re able to offer a great range of different events; select a title to the right to see more information.

One of the main ways we encourage the next generation to disciple the next is through our Summer of Service programme. We are really passionate about releasing young people into their potential, and we do that by getting them evangelising, leading, and growing as disciples; if you think SOS is for you or someone you know, you can find out more here. 


Matt Summerfield

Urban Saint

I love the guys at Pulse. They're innovative, hard-working, radical, devoted and totally passionate about children and young people encountering Jesus.

SOS Intern

Been really challenged and blessed by the teaching and learnt so much about myself and God