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New Resource Launch

We are so excited to announce that we are releasing our first resource of the year today! This will be one mini booklet of a series covering tips and tricks for children's ministry.

These are FREE to download on the website, all you need to do is have a log in!

Pulse’s mission is to help train, equip and resource you to grow and develop yourchildren’s ministry and grow in confidence in what you do.

Our heart is for children’s lives to be transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit, webelieve that children are eager to meet with God in a real way and want to have anopportunity to respond to Him. We believe children have their own faith, their ownunderstanding and their own ministry in the Church.

We aim to engage children through the teaching of Bible stories, Christian values, andsharing the Gospel in many creative ways. We want to support you to do all this andmore! 

In a bid to do this we have created a series of helpful tips and tricks for you as people onthe front line of ministry to download and use. We will release these regularly to keep thehelp coming and welcome any suggestions for future releases. 

To suggest a topic for us to cover please email at