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Children’s Ministry

Pulse’s mission is to help Train, Equip and Resource you to grow and develop your children’s ministry and grow in confidence in what you do.

Our heart is for children’s lives to be transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit, we believe that children are eager to meet with God in a real way and want to have an opportunity to respond to Him. We believe children have their own faith, their own understanding and their own ministry in the Church.

We aim to engage children through the teaching of Bible stories, Christian values, and sharing the Gospel in many creative ways. We want to support you to do all this and more!

Here are a few things we offer but please do speak to us as we may be able to help with more:

Consultancy and training

We would like to make ourselves available for support and advice whenever possible. In the Kingdom we are not competing to be the best but rather focusing on growing the kingdom! That means we don’t mind sharing our secrets!

We want to work with you in your contexts to work out where God is moving and help you join in. We work with a range of different churchmanship's and are happy to work with anyone, in any style to see the kingdom expand. So whether you are passionate about anglican liturgy or are more of a messy church fan, we are here to work with you. 

To be part of our mission and become a regular supporter with all its benefits please see the support us page

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Ignite Kids

Ignite Kids is our kids’ YouTube channel. At the heart of Ignite Kids is a passion for Jesus. We have a desire to see kids come into relationship with the living, loving God. By telling Bible stories and the truth of the Gospel in a relevant, fun and accessible way, we are seeking to encourage kids to have an inquisitive heart, full of hope, and ignite them with an overflowing passion for God.

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Holiday Clubs

We offer holiday clubs created by our wonderful Pulse team. We supply the curriculum, resources, equipment and training, all you provide is the kids and the volunteers. We want to come along side to and support you in running these fantastic Gospel events with the aim of slowly stepping back and allowing you to continue independently when you are ready. 

Alternatively you can use our resources and hire equipment and fly on your own! Please do contact us for more information on this.

During COVID we created an online holiday club for you to enjoy from home. Please see the YouTube page for all of those for FREE!  Orbiters Online is aimed at 5-11s, it has an aim to share the Gospel with as many young people as possible and show the love of Jesus to them in a crazy, fun filled programme.

Children’s discipleship

We want to help you to come up with a discipleship plan for the children you have contact with. Whether this is helping to resource you with curriculum or offer advice and training, we are here for you!

We have also partnered with resource creators to provide you with excellent quality resources for you to download and use in your settings, please see our shop for more information. 

Gospel Campaign

We are passionate about the gospel message reaching as many people as possible. We have created a resource for anyone to use which helps explain the Gospel message. It is based on John 10:10. It can be found at  We also sell gospel £10 notes in our shop that are perfect to leave around your local area to help speed this message. 

Equipment hire

We have a huge bank of equipment available for churches to hire for their events, from tech equipment and stage backdrops to fancy dress and costumes. Please do contact us to find out if we have what you might need. 

If you have any questions please get in touch.