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Youth Ministry

We have a heart to see young people journey in their own faith, grow to know Jesus and learn to love Him. We want to work with you to help you resource your youth ministry.

Bible Study

We believe youth are able to connect with the Bible in deeper ways than you might think! As a result, we have created Bible study and group study resources for you to download.

We don’t dumb down the Bible,  but show it is accessible and relevant to youth today. Available in the shop.

Youth Weekends Away

 We would love to help you and your teams organise and run youth weekends away, full of fun and worship. Please do contact us about this to see what we may be able to supply. 

Mentorship Programmes

We would love to help you set up a mentorship scheme in your church which aims to support youth as they navigate life’s challenges. Youth go through so much change at this stage of life both mentally and physically and we think intergenerational relationships can really help youth navigate these changes more confidently. They will have someone who has "been though it" to meet up with and chat to that is not their parent! Please do email us to find out more. 

Gospel Campaign

We are passionate about the gospel message reaching as many people as possible. We have created a resource for anyone to use which helps explain the Gospel message. It is based on John 10:10. It can be found at  We also sell gospel £10 notes in our shop that are perfect to leave around your local area to help speed this message.

Equipment hire

We have a huge bank of equipment available for churches to hire for their events, from tech equipment and stage backdrops to fancy dress and costumes. Please do contact us to find out if we have what you might need.